Marguerite Frances Sylvia Collection of Paintings

The Architect, 1967
“Peggy” Sylvia painted the people of Molivos, a small village on the island of Lesbos, Greece. What emerged was a study of humanity and the human condition. Her dear friends, Bobby and John Maslen, donated her collection to Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum and the means to maintain it.
Tom Stefopoulos painting the Lovejoy Columns in Portland, Oregon
The collection consists of works by artist Tom Stefopoulos, perhaps most famous for his Lovejoy Column murals. This collection highlights a range of Stefopoulos’s work, including practice sheets, pen art, and the murals on the Lovejoy Columns. 
Ancient loom weights, collection of Elaine Pappas-Suarez
The collection consists of items donated by Elaine Pappas-Suarez, who collected and rescued a variety of art objects during her eleven years as an exporter living in Greece from 1969-1981. The collection, which ranges from antiquity to modern times, includes: pottery, sculptures, coins, clothing, textiles, Karaghiozi items, weaving, jewelry, etchings, fossils, wood block prints, liturgical articles, linens, brass, lithographs, tools and architectural elements.
Grocery Store in Portland

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