New Digital Exhibit Sponsored by the Oregon State Capitol Foundation

HACCM is pleased to announce the publication of “Master Penworks of Tom Stefopoulos: The Hellenic Artist of the Lovejoy Columns” as a digital exhibit. The opportunity to digitize our exhibit (originally shown at HACCM in 2014, and also at the Oregon Historical Society shortly after), was made possible by a grant from the Oregon State Capitol Foundation through the Capitol History Gateway Exhibit Sponsorship Program.

This exhibition considers the range of Stefopoulos’ art from pen drawings to the murals that graced the Lovejoy Columns. His style is a unique blend of calligraphic lines and Art Nouveau, and his themes span Ancient Greek philosophy to contemporary world events. In style and in theme, Stefopoulos blended a myriad of influences, a result of a life lived in multiple places and among many people. Despite a life that was characterized by movement and synthesis, however, the Lovejoy Columns represent a sense of belonging to a specific place—in this case, to Oregon. Stefopoulos’ art gives insight into how the artist envisioned himself in this new home. Specifically, the artist’s work on the Lovejoy Columns signifies a care and responsibility for making this new home a beautiful place, not just for himself but for the public. Click here to view the digital exhibit.

The Capitol History Gateway Exhibit Sponsorship Program award also includes the opportunity to take this exhibit to the Capitol building in Salem, Oregon when it reopens in 2025. Until then, please enjoy the digital exhibit, and if you are curious to learn more about Tom Stefopoulos, check out our podcast episode about the artist!