About the Collection

“Where there is love of man, there is love of art.”


414_marguerite-sylviaOn the island of Lesbos, a small, dark-haired young woman from Rhode Island in the United States found her destiny.  She learned to paint and in a too brief span of ten years, she captured the rhythm of life among her friends and neighbors in the seaside village of Molivos.

The Hellenic-American Cultural Center proudly serves as curators of the paintings of Marguerite Frances Sylvia through the generosity of her friends Bobby and John Maslen.  The Center displays four of her paintings gifted to HACC plus cares for 93 more paintings on loan from the Maslen collection. Each year, 12 to 15 of the paintings will be exhibited at the Cultural Center for the public to view.

The images were painted from everyday life in a specific village on a particular Greek island. Yet, the experiences are common to villages throughout both the islands and mainland Greece from which the founders of our church came to Portland early in the last century.  The images of priests and bishops, religious Orthodox services, processions and holidays, weddings, Greek folk dancers, kafenions,  families with yia yias (grandmothers), and papous (grandfathers), mothers and children, worry beads, tavernas and bouzouki bands, are all genuinely Pan-Hellenic.

This artist truly captured the spirit and essence of Greek village life.  It is the life and values our parents and grandparents knew and lovingly passed on through Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and its many activities, including its annual Festival for the entire Portland community.