In the Shadow of the Acropolis

When you travel to Athens, Greece, especially for the first time, a must-see destination is the Acropolis and its magnificent buildings. The Acropolis looms over this large metropolis and is a constant reminder of the legacy of Greece. Once you arrive at the base of the Acropolis, you begin your climb to reach the Parthenon. It is a long walk, but as you ascent it is easy to imagine the ancient Athenians taking this same walk to pay homage to Athena, patron goddess of the city. At the top of the hill, you see the exquisite buildings and the magnificent view of the city. You feel like you have stepped back to the fifth century BCE and the age of Pericles.

You begin your descent (which is much easier) and eventually find yourself in a modern day agora (market place) called the “Plaka.” Here you find numerous shops selling their wares from fine jewelry, fine dining, to small souvenir shops filled with trinkets, kombologia, pottery and any items reminiscent of ancient Greece. You wonder, was the ancient agora similar to this? Did the Athenians follow these same paths? Did Pericles ever envision a thriving, busy metropolis “In the Shadow of the Acropolis?”

Come and travel through the agora where the past meets the present and you, too, can walk the steps of ancient Athens.