Spring Film – ‘One Girl for Two Men’

Ενα Κοριτσι για Δυο, 1963

Language: Greek, English Subtitles
Type of movie: Comedy, Romance

An extremely serious philosophy teacher Kimon, is fanatically against love and marriage. He is about to publish a relevant study concerning the inexistence of love. He lives with his widowed sister, Polyxeni and his younger, naughty brother Aristeidis, who is a lazy play-boy and a bit feather-brained. He is planning to get married, mostly for financial reasons, and therefore, needs Kimon’s approval. He convinces Kimon to hire his future wife, Myrto, a nightclub singer, as his secretary. Kimon falls deeply in love with Myrto forgetting everything he preached about love and marriage, and Myrto, who never really loved Aristeidis, falls for Kimon as well.

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