Name Day Coffee Hour

There are many rich Greek and Orthodox traditions that we celebrate here in America, including the celebration of the Name Day. In Greece, it is the tradition to host your family and friends at your home or at a restaurant on your Name Day. Many go from one party to the next to celebrate with all of their friends on their Name Day!

In 2023, the Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum will be bringing back the tradition of Name Day Coffee Hours at Holy Trinity! The first Name Day Coffee Hour will be held January 29, hosted by everyone who has a Name Day in January. The names celebrating include: Anthony, Antoinette, Athanasios, John, Joanna, Yianna, Vasilios, Vasiliki, Fotis, Fotini…

As the locals say: “να Κερασειs για τη γιορτη σου!” If you are interested in learning more or hosting your own Name Day, please contact Vasili Rozakis at or by phone at 503-970-8645.

We look forward to everyone’s participation! This is your chance to get together with your fellow Name-Day parea and make your day memorable.