How Athens Got Its Name


After being closed for more than a year by the pandemic the museum was reopened on July 25th by offering a preview of our new exhibit “In the Shadow of the Acropolis”. Soon we will officially celebrate the opening of this exhibit and the reopening of the museum with a reception, a tour of the museum and an in-person lecture presentation by Dr. Effie Piliouni Albrecht called “How Athens Got Its Name.”

The goddess Athena, daughter of Dias (Zeus), was born not of a woman but out of her father’s head. She was revered for her wisdom and her military prowess and gave the city its name after she had gifted its inhabitants with the olive tree. In her talk, Dr. Albrecht will trace the history of Athens and make the connections between the capital of Greece and the relationship of the goddess with the city and its people.

The celebration will start with a Cocktail Hour from 5:30 till 6:15 PM, a Tour of the Museum from 6:15 till 7:00 PM and Dr. Effie Piliouni Albrecht’s presentation at 7:00 PM.