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The Year in Byzantium (2011)


The Byzantine civilization constitutes a major world culture almost forgotten and frequently misunderstood in the history of the world. It was an empire that dominated the world in all spheres of life. The spirit of Byzantium resonates in the world today. The Byzantine Empire made great contributions to civilization which includes:

  • Greek language and learning preserved for posterity;
  • Roman law codified as the Justinian Law;
  • Byzantine iconography developed and flourished;
  • Classical knowledge transmitted to Italy thus laying the ground work for the Italian Renaissance;
  • Orthodoxy spread into the Slavic countries;
  • Byzantine chant became the music of the Orthodox Church;
  • Architecture and technical achievements advanced.
  • By preserving the Ancient World, spreading the tenets of Christianity and forging the Medieval World, the Byzantine Empire set the stage for Western Civilization as we know it today.

The HACCM exhibit committee hopes this exhibit increases the awareness, the appreciation and the knowledge of this most influential period in history through its “Year in Byzantium.”

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